Governance risk and compliance platform.

Cyber risk management.

Do you have strategic insights into your Cyber risk at all levels SubRosa can help you integrate cyber risk with your existing enterprise risk framework. All while ensuring that cyber risk is given the visibility for all levels of your organization.
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Main Capability 6 Cyber

Manage compliance

Manage the complex compliance landscape for standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, HIPAA, HiTrust, PCI DSS, SOC 2 and GDPR

Generate reports

With extensive reporting capabilities, you can identify and monitor cyber risks, mitigating tasks and controls. All in one dashboard

Incident management

Manage the full lifecycle of cyber incidents from the initial discovery, through to investigation, remediation and eventual closure

Cyber Risk Diagram

SubRosa governance risk and compliance platform.

Cyber risk management priorities have become a top priority for board room reporting. The impact of an incident on a company can drastically impact their bottom line. Even businesses with the financial means to sustain themselves through a breach, the long term damage to customer trust, regulatory compliance and legal standing can in some cases be irrevocable.

As a result, there is increased pressure on IT and risk teams to manage governance, risk and compliance across the enterprise. Organization's are requiring their risk resources to step up and better-manage their cyber risk.

Governance risk and compliance: Does Cyber Risk get Enough Boardroom Airtime?

The average workplace has been drastically reshaped. A change to business model, increased reliance on technology and remote workers has increased the attack surface for cyber-criminals.

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The governance risk and compliance platform capabilities.

Systemically manage your cyber risk with full transparency.

The SubRosa governance risk and compliance platform enables you to identify a plethora of cyber risks through the facilitation of cyber risk and control assessments, followed by a full remediation and mitigation module. Within the platform, cyber risks and vulnerabilities can be tied through a number of factors to create a "bow-tie" analysis of your overall cyber risk landscape. All risks can have a controls that integrate with external tools, giving you the ability to view and report on their overall effectiveness. Risk remediation and mitigation plans can be created, managed and tracked against each risk. Completed remediation tasks can be converted and tracked against controls for ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement.

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A holistic overview of your risks and controls, in real-time.

Risk dashboards and powerful reporting capabilities mean that your executives, boards and business unit leaders will be able to understand the complexities of your cyber risk position through easy to understand heat maps and dashboards. All while empowering your governance risk and compliance professionals to layout their risk and mitigation activities in easy to use risk registers.

Manage controls inline with key information security frameworks, including ISO 27001 and NIST 800.

The SubRosa governance risk and compliance platform enables you to navigate the complex landscape of compliance requirements, policies and authority documents, that exist today. Out-of-the-box, the tool offers configurations for legislation, frameworks and standards including but not limited to ISO 27001 and NIST CSF. Compliance can be mapped to relevant controls and policies for ease of tracking.


Cyber incident management.

The SubRosa governance risk and compliance platform enables incidents to be integrated with third-party monitoring and ticketing tools. It can automatically create incidents based on events or tickets, and enables you to complete investigations, conduct root cause analysis and remediation actions. Incidents can also be linked to risks to enable the analysis of controls that are at risk of failing, as well as linking to potential compliance failures.

Cyber audit management.

The cyber audit management module enables you to track audit actions and recommendations from your audits, be they internal or external. These can then be linked back to risks and risk treatments respectably, enabling full tracking and reporting capabilities across your risk landscape.

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Read the white paper: Cyber Risk Management: Does cyber risk get enough boardroom airtime?

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