Physical security testing.

Physical security testing can demonstrate how a malicious actor might gain physical access to your facilities; physical security testing helps you to prevent such an occurrence.

Protect your physical assets through physical security testing.

If you hold valuable assets in you facilities, you should test whether your physical security controls are sufficient to prevent unauthorized access. Vulnerabilities in your physical security can leave your organization’s sensitive assets unnecessarily exposed.

Common physical attack vectors.

Social engineering.

Attackers exploit human nature to attempt to gain access to your data and facilities.

Forced entry.

Threat actors utilize tools such as lock picks or brute force to gain access to a location.


Threat actors bypass security systems to gain access to facilities. Examples might include bypassing alarms/cameras.

Why conduct physical security testing.

Physical security testing is designed to uncover real-world vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to infiltrate your facilities and data. Vulnerabilities are analyzed, tested and remediated to prevent a real threat actor from exploiting them.

While often overlooked, physical security testing is as important as a logical one: most of your data is likely stored at a physical location and one successful attack on a facility could lead to a potentially devastating breach.

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Read the white paper: How penetration testing can aid in understanding your threat actors.

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