John Price
John PricePresident
John is the founder, president and CEO of SubRosa Cyber Solutions.
Jack Fish
Jack FishBoard Member
Jack is the former COO of GE Consumer products, COO of Husqvarna NA and Senior VP of Global Operations at Goodyear.
William A. Currin
William A. CurrinBoard Member
William (Bill) Currin is the former three-term Mayor of Hudson and the founding member of The Lee Dale Group, LLC (LDG) in January of 2015.
Don Polyak
Don PolyakBoard Member
Don Polyak is the SubRosa CMO and principal of The Impact Group, a full-service marketing communications firm that he co-founded in 2001.
Tom Speaks
Tom SpeaksBoard Member
Tom is a principal of the Impact Group marketing and communications firm.
George Murray
George MurrayBoard Member
George is the former Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer for Signet Jewelers.
Eric Dietrich
Eric DietrichBoard Member
Eric is an accomplished executive and businessman with a focus on early-stage startups, sales and marketing.

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