68% of your data is unstructured ROT (Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial)

Over 68% of an organization’s data is unstructured, such as documents and emails. Such data commonly resides on a network’s endpoints and fileservers. The volume of such data typically increases by 60% per year, increasing and exposing an organization’s attack landscape in the event of a breach. Despite these staggering figures, only 7% of IT professionals claim to truly know where all of their unstructured data rests.

The first tool to truly identify your sensitive data

The SubRosa Data Analytics Tool gives you the power to index and analyze the data-at-rest across your entire network. With a low cost, non-resource intensive solution, the SubRosa Data Analytics Tool provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Full text & metadata index on each endpoint that’s updated regularly
    Single user interface to manage endpoint tasks & communication
    Predefined and user defined searches returned to dashboard
  • Initiate file actions to copy, quarantine or delete
  • Utilize SubRosa Cyber Solutions’ expertise to further analyze and mitigate procedural and organizational risks

Benefits of the SubRosa Data Analytics Tool

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