Cybersecurity for energy

and power.

Cybersecurity for energy and power industries is a must. They are among the highest targeted, and most at risk.

Exploited vulnerabilities within energy and power companies can have dire consequences and have the potential to impact millions of people.

Aging infrastructure, terrorism, insider threats and environmental events cause severe interruptions to supply and operation systems. With an increasing political and regulatory environment, energy and power providers are being scrutinized now, more than ever. With the potential for catastrophic consequences, cybersecurity for energy and power must be managed by experts, at all levels of the enterprise.

SubRosa Cyber Solutions understands the risks posed by aging technologies, supply chain and personnel operating within the large, multifaceted organizations making up the energy & power sector. Our scalable solutions can assist your organization in reducing and managing its cybersecurity risk while minimizing impact to operations and protecting you against the vast array of threats facing your organization.

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