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Security incidents can cripple an organization’s operations in a matter of minutes. If an incident is not responded to in a timely, professional manner, costs can spiral and irreparable damage can occur.

Respond to incidents.

The increase in frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks has made cyber incident response a requirement for businesses of all sizes.

Failure to properly and efficiently manage a cyber incident can be drastically more costly for an organization than the actual incident itself. This presents resource-strapped IT executives with an increasingly burdensome challenge.

SubRosa’s incident response team leverage real-world expertise, industry-leading technology and extensive threat intelligence to analyze and respond to a multitude of incidents, regardless of your organization’s size.

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Incident response services.

Proactive incident response.

Detect incidents in real time. Prepare for incident response through training and workshops.

Emergency incident response.

Respond to incidents post-discovery and engage SubRosa’s cyber incident response and forensics team to assist.

Incident response retainer.

Retain industry-leading incident response experts, reducing the impact of incidents and enable quick, cost-effective response.

Threat research and development.

Research and analysis of emerging and existing threats to help proactively counter new threats, as they emerge.

Track your incident response and remediation from our unified governance, risk and compliance dashboard.

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Incident response services.

Compromise assessment.

Identify past and present attacker activity in your environment. Use the results to drive improvements to your incident response program.

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Readiness assessment

Readiness assessment.

Test your ability to respond to, manage and mitigate an incident from a wide array of attackers and attack types.

Incident response training.

Train stakeholders and incident response personnel to better prepare them for live incident response requirements.

Incident response training
Managed incident response

Managed incident response.

Bolster your incident response capabilities with a team on standby, ready to assist with incident response at a moments notice.

Common incidents.

  • Email compromise.
  • Ransomware.
  • Malware and backdoors.
  • Wire fraud.
  • Payment card fraud.
  • Insider threats.
  • Third party risk.
  • Theft of intellectual property.
  • Accidental exposure.
  • Application attacks.

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