Managed incident response.

Deploying and running dedicated incident response resources can be a costly feat. The impacts of which, if mishandled, can be catastrophic for an organization.

Maintaining a regular cadence of incident response training and preparedness can be a costly undertaking for even the largest of enterprises.

An effective cyber incident response team requires dedicated resources with the right skills, regular training and appropriate budgeting.

Managed Incident Response services empower your organization to detect, respond and recover from security incidents in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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A solution to meet your needs.


  • Pre-defined hourly rates set.
  • No upfront financial commitment required.
  • No detection and response technologies deployed.
  • Support received based on resource availability.
  • No SLA.


  • Pre-defined hourly rates set.
  • Detection and response technologies deployed.
  • No upfront costs for consulting services.
  • Support received based on availability or as per SOC SLA.
  • No consulting services SLA.


  • Hourly rates set and billed on a month-to-month basis.
  • Detection and response technologies deployed.
  • Support received as per SLA.
  • SLAs set dependent on your needs and budget.

Track your incident response and remediation from our unified governance, risk and compliance dashboard.

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Benefits of managed incident response.

Increased incident response speed.

Through continuous monitoring and resource readiness, you can drastically improve your incident response speed without putting additional burden on your current resources.

Reduce the cost of incidents and incident response.

With effective incident response and management plans in place, you can efficiently manage incidents while keeping the costs associated with incident response, low.

Improve incident response capabilities.

Awareness training, exercises and responding to live events are all offered services that will help your organization to improve their overall incident response capabilities.

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