Application security testing.

Application security testing (AST) identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software applications with the intent of making them more resistant to security threats and cyber attacks.

Secure application development.

DevSecOps and other, new software development security practices are expanding awareness and capabilities around the need to incorporate security into every stage of the software development lifecycle. SubRosa’s Application Security Testing can:

  • Help you understand application security issues, and implement security best practices in development.
  • Help you identify security issues before you push them into production environments.
  • Identify and prevent vulnerabilities in source code.
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Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Using a white box approach, we test your source code and report on security weaknesses.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

SCA helps you to inventory third party applications being used within your environment.

Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST)

We use static and dynamic techniques to analyze the security integrity of mobile applications.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Using a black box approach, we execute code and inspect it in real time to identify vulnerabilities.

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

We combine static and dynamic application security testing to detect a wider range of security issues.

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

RASP tools analyze traffic and user behavior at runtime, to detect and prevent cyber threats.

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Benefits of application security testing.

  • Reduced internal and external risk.
  • Demonstrable enhancement to product security.
  • Better data protection assurances to app users.

SubRosa’s expertise.

SubRosa’s application security testing team derive their skill sets from an extensive tenure in cyber network operations, recruited from the U.S. military and various governmental branches.

This unique skill set separates SubRosa’s penetration testing from its peers. SubRosa provides penetration testing across all domains, including network, application, mobile, physical and personnel (social engineering).

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