Unified risk platform.

A fully-managed risk service

A complete view of your risk and vulnerability landscape. Across your network, apps, data and devices.

SubRosa’s Unified Risk Platform is more than just a vulnerability scanner. It provides you a unique tactical past, present, and future view of an your security posture while reducing risk to a defined, tolerable level.

SubRosa’s Unified Risk Platform provides a single interface that includes simple, accessible, and affordable features that outperform the competition at a lower price.

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identify risk

Identify risk.

Active scanning combined with sensory agents enables you to identify risks and vulnerabilities across your entire landscape.

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Secure your data.

Deep scanning capabilities gives you the power to identify sensitive data where it shouldn’t be, and remediate it on the spot.

Manage compliance.

With mapping to HIPAA, NIST, CIS and ISO27001, you can track your level of compliance from within your dashboard.

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One platform to identify, manage and mitigate risk.

  • Rapid deployment: 1 hour set up time and your’e collecting risk information.
  • Simple management by SubRosa, removing the need to dedicate staff.
  • 24×7 monitoring to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities through the intuitive interface.
  • No resource-intensive or major software setup: a light-weight agent or sensor install is all it takes.

A fully-managed risk solution.

The install-and-forget solution requires minimal resources to manage: we do all the technical management and analysis for you.

Risk Dashboard
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Manage risk, down to the asset.

View data sensitivity risk, vulnerabilities and secure baseline grades on a per-asset basis, with a full risk assessment grade provided for each.

Achieve dollarization of your data.

We leverage dark web sensors to determine the value of your sensitive data, giving you accurate figures as to the financial liability of your data.

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Host vulnerability summary

Host and application vulnerability management.

Manage the vulnerabilities associated with every endpoint and web application in your environment.

The full feature list.

The Unified Risk Platform is accessible through a single user interface that includes the following features that organizations find immediately helpful:

Searches storage types for different types of data classification profiles such Healthcare, Organizational, Financial, Personal, etc. Data sensitivity scanning reveals where sensitive data is being stored on a organization’s network to help reduce the organization’s threat surface by reducing the organization’s data footprint, so a Bad Actor faces a reduced attack surface that reduces the risk of a ransomware attack.

Classifies data into data types being stored by a organization and provides the context of the sensitive data that was discovered.

Performs Authenticated and Unauthenticated vulnerability scanning to identify vulnerabilities for mitigation.

Scans external facing IP to identify vulnerabilities and possible miss configuration.

Performs External Web Application Penetration Testing of an organization’s Web Applications or Sites to identify vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Path Traversal, Cross-Site-Scripting, etc. A remediation solution is offered for each vulnerability discovered.

Analyzes Internal Vulnerability scan results identify the Root Cause that allows an organization to reduce the clutter of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)’s and provides a clear focus on the root cause of vulnerabilities on scanned assets. For example, missing windows patches or third-party applications that are no longer utilized will be discovered to ensure assets are aligned with an organization’s approved security software.

Scans an organization’s network assets against Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks to establish tighter organization security controls and help an organization achieve regulatory compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, etc.

Follows Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark Standards that help organizations monitor Drift and keep focus on asset management.

Monitors systems for add, move and/or changes for users, groups, system file changes, and sensitive folder activity.

Collected risk data is presented in dashboards tailored to present risk data to executive leadership and a organization’s information security team to “view at a glance” that describes how well the organization is doing in its efforts to reduce cyber risk. The Technical Overall Security Dashboard also provides progress from past, present, and future status to assist in making “the right” choices to improve an organization’s security posture.
Presents near real-time data on organization network assets to determine Likelihood, Impact, and overall Risk per Asset. Target Risk Matrix data can be used for Table-Top Sessions to focus on Data Recovery, Patch Management, and Incident Response.

Tactical controls that are aligned with compliance / regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA, NIST and CSF, that automatically tracks controls compliance.

Dollarization of Risk is determined by analyzing the Dark Web Value of organization Sensitive Data, Recovery Costs if hit with Ransomware, Breach Notification Costs, and Residual Cost Calculator results.

Asset-based scanning agents with unlimited sensors perform Data, Vulnerability and Secure Configuration scanning.

Agents perform Network Discovery scanning to identify assets on organization networks and automatically add them to platform data including identification of potential rogue assets.

Creates Mitigation Plans assigned to organization IT staff that defines accountability at the organization level including the Information Security and Information Technology Departments. The Mitigation process allows for Data Sensitivity to automatically assign outcomes such as Encrypt, Delete Remove Permissions to specific files that have been deemed as sensitive.

Why SubRosa?

Features TRMP Nessus Qualys Rapid7
Data Sensitivity Scanning x
Asset Based Data Classification x
Internal Vulnerable Scanning x x x x
External Vulnerability Scanning x x x x
Web Application Pen Testing x x* x* x*
Vulnerability Root Cause Analysis x
Secure Configurations (CIS) x x x x
Secure Configuration Drift x
Host Integrity x
Technical Overall Security Scorecard x x** x** x**
Target Risk Matrix x
Tactical Compliance Tracker x
Dollarization of Risk x
Agents / Sensors x x*** x*** x***
Network Asset Discovery x x**** x**** x****
Risk Management Mitigation Workflow x


* With the purchase of additional products

** Has a focus on vulnerability management only and does not include other elements that help define a technical overall risk scorecard

*** You must purchase additional agents or sensors

**** You must purchase another product and/or just scan via IP address ranges

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