2021 Cybersecurity Trends: Cybersecurity For Manufacturing

Why manufacturing can no longer ignore the need for cybersecurity across the enterprise

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE):

The Optimal Architecture to Secure and Connect the New Enterprise Perimeters

Penetration testing insights

Gain insights into how malicious threat actors may be targeting your systems

Leverage penetration testing, red teaming and vulnerability assessments to identify avenues of attack, understand your threats and effectively manage your enterprise vulnerability landscape.


Improve program effectiveness with audit and assurance

Conduct risk and compliance assessments to bolster security fundamentals and provide measurable, effective improvements to your cybersecurity program enterprise-wide.

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How a SOC is Imperative in Detecting and Mitigating a Ransomware Attack

Tackling the global threat of ransomware, impacting businesses of all sizes and industries

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Why Penetration Testing is Fundamental to an Effective Security Program

Assessing network threats and attack avenues with simulated hacking

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The Path to Achieving And Maintaining HIPAA Regulatory Compliance

Why healthcare providers should strive for across-the-board HIPAA compliance

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Case Study: How SubRosa Helped a Global PR Firm Improve Vendor Risk

And how they designed, built and implemented an effective VRM program

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A new age of insights

A New Age of Insights:

Why Penetration Testing is The Future of Cybersecurity

Explore why penetration testing is a fundamental service of any cybersecurity program, and why a third party might be the better option when conducting one.

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Smart technology helps decrease response time and increase detection rates

Learn how managed SOC operations to quickly detect cyber attacks in real-time.

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