HIPAA and HiTrust Assessments

Providing thorough HIPAA and HITRUST assessments to ensure optimal data security in the healthcare industry.

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SubRosa Advantages

Experienced HIPAA and HiTrust Assessors on staff to Support Your Compliance Goals
Our assessment approach ensures a fast turnaround to managing Plan of Action and Milestones (POAMs)
Leverage our HIPAA and HiTrust optimized policy templates to speed up preparation
Gain a detailed understanding of compliance requirements and industry best practices

At SubRosa, we specialize in performing comprehensive HIPAA and HITRUST assessments, reinforcing the security of your sensitive healthcare data. Our service is a crucial step in your cybersecurity strategy, designed to meet and exceed industry regulations while safeguarding patient information.

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Helping healthcare organizations achieve and maintain compliance

At SubRosa, our offerings are meticulously designed to cater to your diverse needs. One of our flagship services includes HIPAA and HITRUST assessments, a comprehensive examination dedicated to protecting your sensitive healthcare data. As part of this, we help you navigate the complex landscape of data privacy and compliance by not only identifying the areas that handle sensitive information but also preparing your organization for full compliance readiness.
We review and assess you on the required controls to gain compliance
Leadership training on how to achieve and maintain compliance to avoid regulatory scrutiny
Guidance on performing mock and self-assessments
Full project management of the assessment and compliance process from start to finish
We help you understand DHHS requirements, definitions and more