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Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing can demonstrate how a malicious actor might gain physical access to your facilities; physical penetration testing helps you to prevent such an occurrence.

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SubRosa Advantages

Physical penetration testing replicates real-world attacks, offering insights into vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed in digital assessments
Combining digital and physical aspects, this testing provides a more holistic view of your organization's security posture
Uncover physical security gaps like unauthorized access points, unsecured hardware, or weak access controls that cyber attackers may exploit
Insights gained from physical penetration testing empower informed decisions to strengthen both digital and physical security measures
Our company's resources boast years of experience, bringing valuable expertise to the assessment, ensuring thorough and accurate results
Addressing both digital and physical security enhances compliance with regulations and reduces the risk of potential breaches, protecting your reputation and assets

Empowering Your Physical Defenses - Uncover Weaknesses, Strengthen Security. Your Trusted Partner for Rigorous Physical Penetration Testing

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Why conduct physical penetration testing

Physical penetration testing is designed to uncover real-world vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to infiltrate your facilities and data. Vulnerabilities are analyzed, tested and remediated to prevent a real threat actor from exploiting them.

While often overlooked, physical security testing is as important as a logical one: most of your data is likely stored at a physical location and one successful attack on a facility could lead to a potentially devastating breach.
Our physical penetration testing services are customized to suit your specific environment, mimicking potential real-world attack scenarios
Our expert testers employ discreet methods, simulating real attackers' tactics while minimizing disruptions to your day-to-day operations
We assess physical access points, surveillance systems, alarm systems, and other physical security measures to identify potential vulnerabilities
Our physical penetration testing includes social engineering simulations to gauge the effectiveness of your staff's security awareness and response to external threats
You will receive comprehensive reports outlining the identified weaknesses, recommended improvements, and actionable insights to bolster your overall security posture
SubRosa offers post-testing support to assist you in implementing the recommended security enhancements, ensuring you stay one step ahead of potential attackers