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Computer Forensics Services

Expert Digital Forensics For Thorough And Reliable Investigations

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SubRosa Advantages

Expert analysis, assuring comprehensive scrutiny of your digital assets for potential vulnerabilities.
Leverage cutting-edge digital forensics technologies to uncover and address hidden threats.
Stringent compliance with regulations, guards your organization from potential legal exposure
Perform due diligence and threat hunt when conducting mergers and acquisitions
Determine legal exposure and loss following a phishing or social engineering attack
Limit exposure and triage in the event of business email compromise

Our comprehensive services ensure that the most complex and sensitive investigative or litigation matters are addressed with precision and expertise.

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Computer Forensics Services

Our highly skilled computer forensics professionals are dedicated to providing unparalleled support throughout the course of a digital forensics investigation or litigation process, irrespective of the data volume or source location. We recognize the importance of meticulously following digital trails in order to uncover evidence that reveals the truth behind cases involving fraud, financial manipulation, computer crime, employee misconduct, and other malfeasances.
Cost-effective and legal methods to discover and preserve electronic data
Expertise to evaluate evidence to accurately unearth important information
Best-practice methodologies To obtain data for forensic analysis
Credentials to act as expert witnesses in litigation and court proceedings.

Incident Preparedness

Prepare, plan and practice for how to tackle incidents and cyber-attacks to improve resiliency.
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Incident Response

Triage, assess and mitigate cyber incidents across your landscape to reduce the impact of cyber attacks and improve your cyber defenses.
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