Advisory Services | NIST 800-53 Assessments

NIST 800-53 Assessments

Assisting current and future U.S. government contractors and private sector organizations achieve and maintain NIST 800-53 compliance

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SubRosa Advantages

Gov-experienced consultants and practitioners on hand throughout
Utilize our government-optimized policy templates to support your compliance journey
Remediate quickly with our control validation and retest processes
Gain a firm understanding of compliance requirements

At SubRosa, we extend a suite of tailored cybersecurity services, among which our NIST 800-53 assessments stand as a cornerstone. Our focus remains on bolstering your cybersecurity framework through an in-depth evaluation of your systems against the NIST 800-53 standards, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing appropriate security controls.

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Helping government and private sector achieve and maintain NIST 800-53 compliance

Our process begins with executive training, where we help leaders understand and plan for compliance with these standards. Following this, we perform scoping engagements to pinpoint areas that handle sensitive information, thus highlighting potential risk vectors. Full compliance readiness consulting and mock assessments are integral parts of our service suite, ensuring your organization is thoroughly prepared to meet the NIST 800-53 requirements. In addition, we provide specialized security training and compliance services, tailored to fit seamlessly within your existing systems and procedures. Our Virtual CISO offerings provide strategic oversight and alignment of your cybersecurity measures with your broader business goals, reinforcing your defenses while optimizing operations.
Leadership training on achieving and maintaining compliance
Understand your in-scope systems and compliance management
Full controls review and assessment for compliance
Full project management from conception to completion