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Incident Readiness

Meet threats head-on and improve your cybersecurity resilience through incident readiness services

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SubRosa Advantages

Develop incident response plans, policies and playbooks
Identify your attack surface with vulnerability identification and penetration testing
Manage your network and endpoints with our network security solutions
We have former DoD cyber forensic investigators with years of experience responding to cyber threats

We equip your organization with the tools and strategies to respond swiftly and effectively to incidents, transforming potential disruptions into opportunities for resilience and growth.

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Train and prepare your organization to process and manage cybersecurity incidents

Our Incident Readiness service acts as your steadfast ally in navigating the complex cyber threat landscape. We provide comprehensive training, planning, and tools to empower your organization to respond rapidly and effectively to potential incidents. By minimizing the impact of threats and reducing downtime, we not only preserve your business continuity but also turn these potential disruptions into powerful learning opportunities, paving the way for enhanced resilience and ongoing security improvement.
Training and tabletop exercises to practice for when an incident occurs
Vulnerability identification and penetration testing to manage gaps in your attack surface
Readiness assessments to manage and develop your incident response state
Managed security services for continued incident response support


Tabletop Exercises offer a practical test of your organization's ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents using established policies and procedures. Consistent reporting from these exercises helps refine your incident response plans, and post-exercise support assists in remediating documentation and processes.

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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management

Our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management services provide routine scans, phishing tests, and periodic penetration testing to evaluate your security posture, complemented by detailed, customizable reports.

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Incident Response Policies and Playbooks

Our Incident Response Policies and Playbooks service offers comprehensive policies that guide stakeholders during security incidents, detailed playbooks for common threats like ransomware and phishing, and consulting to help implement these new procedures effectively.

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