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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is essential for organizations of all sizes. Cyber criminals attack networks, applications, and people daily, making attempted attacks almost inevitable. Prepare for cyber attacks with services like simulated attacks, vulnerability management, and social engineering.

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SubRosa Advantages

Identify and mitigate your attack surface to proactively prevent cyber attacks.
Harden your network and web applications across your landscape.
Fully bespoke service to adapt to your constantly changing attack vectors.
Measure personnel training effectiveness with org-wide simulated phishing attacks.
Make informed, risk based remediation decisions.
Track remediation and attack surface over time.

Learn how SubRosa helped a HIPAA regulated healthcare provider identify their threat landscape and mitigate future risk of cyber attacks with Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

Cyber attackers leverage a varied range of tools and methodologies to attempt to gain access to your network and data. From social engineering to web application security, SubRosa's Penetration Testing services will help you identify and manage your attack surface to combat the threat of cyber-attack.
Application security testing to identify and close gaps in your web apps
Red Team Assessments to test your team & vendors' detection and response capabilities
Phishing exercises will help mitigate personnel-bourne attacks
Secure code review to bolster product security and enhance development processes
Network penetration testing to identify and mitigate perimeter and internal attack vectors
Physical security testing to harden and secure your physical IT assets and buildings

Network Penetration Testing

Identify and fix network vulnerabilities to protect sensitive data and meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR requirements. Proactively prevent cybercriminal exploitation and enhance incident response plans to mitigate risks.
Network Penetration Testing

Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing uncovers vulnerabilities to strengthen defenses and secure your data. Build secure applications from the ground up, enhance your reputation, and gain trust with secure SDLC development and code review.
Application Security Testing

Red Team Assessments

Red Team Assessments simulate real-world attacks to identify and address weaknesses in your systems, refine incident response plans, and test resilience using the latest adversarial tactics and techniques.
Red Team Assessments

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless Network Penetration Testing evaluates the security of your wireless and guest networks, identifying vulnerabilities like weak passwords, unencrypted data, and outdated software. Ensure regulatory compliance, prevent incidents, and avoid financial loss by proactively addressing these vulnerabilities.
Wireless Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Adopt a proactive, continuous approach to identifying and addressing security weaknesses. Assess your networks, systems, and applications for vulnerabilities, stay ahead of emerging threats, and adapt your security measures. Use automated and manual techniques for comprehensive vulnerability coverage and validation.
Vulnerability Assessments

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social Engineering Penetration Testing continuously tests and trains your workforce to detect and deter cyber attacks. Benefit from a fully managed social engineering lifecycle, predictable subscription-based costs, and integration with risk tools for a complete risk picture.
Social Engineering

Physical Penetration Testing

Discover how a malicious threat actor might gain physical access to your facilities and network. Uncover real-world physical vulnerabilities, test your personnel and security safeguards, and strengthen your organization's physical security capabilities.
Physical Penetration Testing