Advisory Services | Incident Response Policies and Playbooks

Incident Response Policies and Playbooks

Policies and playbooks can help you identify, triage, contain, and respond to incidents and will help reduce the impact of a potential data breach.

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SubRosa Advantages

We develop your incident response documentation to help you combat attackers
Our incident response team has decades of experience responding to cyber attacks
Our former DoD IR practitioners are on the front lines of cyber defense
Leverage our playbook templates to document response to over 20 common cyber attack types

Our tailor-made policies guide you through cyber threats, safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring swift, effective incident management.

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Bolster Your Processes to Better Respond to Incidents

The SubRosa incident response policy and playbook writing service is your blueprint for effective cybersecurity management. We craft robust, custom policies tailored to your business needs, providing clear guidelines for swift and effective responses to cyber threats, thereby ensuring the integrity of your digital assets and business continuity
Policies to direct top-down leadership and stakeholders in the process
Playbooks to assist stakeholders in event-specific scenarios
Tabletop exercises to ensure all stakeholders are trained appropriately
Implementation consulting to assist in policy-driven organizational changes