Unparalleled Expertise: Delivered by seasoned professionals, effortlessly woven into your processes, and managed for continuous protection.

Crafted to provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, SubRosa amalgamates preventive, detective, and responsive cybersecurity strategies into a single, cohesive service package. Tailored to your unique demands and constraints, these services can be engaged individually or collectively to provide a full-range, robust cyber defense mechanism.
Penetration Testing

Test your systems and employees to manage your attack surface and identify avenues of attack.

Managed SOC

Detect and respond to attacks and incidents across your environment

Advisory Services

Expertise to build and manage your cybersecurity program

Identify and mitigate cyber attacks in real time with SubRosa's state-of-the-art managed SOC services, ensuring continuous monitoring, rapid response, and unparalleled protection for your digital assets.

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Advisory Services

Elevate your strategic cybersecurity posture with SubRosa's Advisory Services, harnessing deep expertise to guide, optimize, and align your security initiatives with business goals.