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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Flexible CISO services that cover all security domains to help improve your security posture without the need to hire full time, costly resources

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SubRosa Advantages

Our team can plan and execute on security programs across a wide range of domains
Flexible engagements ensures your costs are balanced with your security needs
Consultants with extensive CISO experience from a varied range of industries
Improve your security landscape without bringing costly talen in-house

SubRosa's Virtual CISO offering is designed to strengthen your cybersecurity structure, seamlessly fitting into your existing organization. Our experienced vCISOs bring the strategic foresight and hands-on leadership of a full-time executive, but without the associated overhead.

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Build your security program and improve your security posture

SubRosa's Virtual CISO services provide organizations with expert leadership in cybersecurity, effectively bridging the gap between complex security needs and strategic business objectives. Our vCISO professionals step into an executive role, bringing extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity. They strategize and implement comprehensive, tailor-made security programs that not only mitigate risks and bolster defense against cyber threats but also align with your organization's operational goals and budget constraints. With SubRosa's Virtual CISO service, you can secure your digital assets, ensure compliance with industry standards, and enhance your cybersecurity posture, all without the overhead of a full-time executive. This allows for a nimble response to the rapidly evolving threat landscape, while enabling growth and innovation in your organization.
Top-down program management across your enterprise
Threat hunting and threat landscape analysis and management
Risk and maturity assessments to ensure continuous improvement and risk management
Manage your endpoints and network security with our suite of managed security offerings
Maintain regulatory compliance across a wide range of laws and frameworks