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Social Engineering

Test, train and educate your workforce on the principles of security from one, fully managed, cost effective solution.

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SubRosa Advantages

Our experienced professionals use the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by cyber adversaries to test your organization's resilience.
We tailor our red team assessments to your organization's unique needs, industry, and threat landscape, ensuring the most relevant and effective testing.
We evaluate your entire security ecosystem, including technology, processes, and human factors, to uncover vulnerabilities that traditional assessments might miss.
Our comprehensive reports provide clear, prioritized recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities and improving your overall security posture.
Our company's resources boast years of experience, bringing valuable expertise to the assessment, ensuring thorough and accurate results

Mastering the Art of Human Hacking - Building Robust Human Defense. Empower Your Workforce to Detect and Defend Against Social Engineering Threats with Our Expert Services

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Defend Against Cyber Attacks on the Frontline of Your Organization

Social engineering exploits the weakest link in any organization: its people. With SubRosa’s Social Engineering as-a-Service, you can identify, test and train your workforce on a continuous basis. All from within our learning management system and testing platform.
We manage the full social engineering lifecycle: from testing to remedial training, all through one application
A subscription-based payment model means your costs are predictable
Monthly social engineering testing and training helps to maintain a culture of high security awareness
Integrate your social engineering with our risk tools to gain a full risk picture