Advisory Services | Managed Vulnerability Detection

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Strengthen your digital defenses by uncovering hidden vulnerabilities, ensuring lasting security for your systems.

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SubRosa Advantages

Our engineers average 12 years penetration testing experience each
Scanning can be conducted daily, weekly, or monthly, and are fully customizable to your business
Optional report customization and vulnerability validation
Reporting models to meet a wide array of compliance requirements
Option to extend to discounted penetration testing

Safeguard your digital assets with confidence, knowing vulnerabilities are identified and neutralized before they become threats.

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Identify and manage vulnerabilities across your landscape

Navigate the complex realm of cybersecurity with assurance through our Managed Vulnerability Detection service. By meticulously uncovering and evaluating vulnerabilities, we empower you to reinforce your digital infrastructure, preemptively thwarting threats and ensuring the resilience of your technological landscape.
Continuously identify your vulnerabilities outside of penetration testing
Reduce your attack surface by managing your vulnerabilities
Keep your security teams current on new vulnerabilities
Consulting support to help validate and remediate vulnerabilities