SubRosa. One team. Globally, to serve you.

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Our Mission:

To deliver cutting edge security technology solutions and services to our Clients.

We embrace the challenge of security and seek to deliver value always.

SubRosa solves its clients’ most tenacious information security, risk and compliance challenges through a multitude of information technology services and expertise. We employ and partner with some of the leading risk and security experts in the industry, enabling us to deliver effective services and software solutions to our clients of all sizes, across the globe.

We scale with you, as your business grows

Our Values Make us Who we Are

SubRosa was founded on the principle of delivering security expertise to anyone who should require it. Whether we are operating with a small business, or large enterprise, our values underpin everything we do. We operating with three fundamental principles: do right by our clients, our people and our company.

For Our Global Client Base

We strive to be the best at what we do, and to help our clients realize their capabilities, and potential. We seek always, to maximize the success of our clients and people.

For Our People

When when people ask “what differentiates SubRosa?” we always start with our people. SubRosa always seeks to foster an environment of “enjoyable professionalism”. We proudly recruit professional, experienced experts who love what they do, to ensure that every interaction you have with us, delivers value and knowledge.

For Our Organization

As our organization grows, so does our service set and people. We strive to provide clear, transparent services and pricing across our enterprise, ensuring that our Clients know exactly what they’re getting for their investment. Our people always act with this in mind.

Let’s Begin.

As cyber threats continue to scale their technical capabilities, knowing if your data is protected can feel like an insurmountable task. The impact of cyber crime will continue to hurt both our economic and social standing unless cyber risk practices are adopted within every organization, globally.

SubRosa understands this. Which is why we have aligned our people, services and technology solutions to provide you with next generation, “future proof” cyber risk capabilities. We are ready to be your parter in cyber. Let’s begin.

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