Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Through our video-based, interactive training solution, we strive to change the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people through thought provoking, emotionally-driven storytelling.

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Cyber-attacks are on the rise. And they are becoming more expensive. According to a Hiscox report, the median cost of monetary loss associated with a cyber incident has increased from $229,000 to $369,000. If faced with a cyber-attack, is your IT team prepared? Make sure they are with comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training. SubRosa’s Enhanced Learning Program is a video-based, continuous training and education solution that provides your organization with current scenarios pertaining to real-world cybersecurity incidents.

How Cybersecurity Awareness Training Works

With our hosted Learning Management System (LMS), the Enhanced Learning Program can be set up within 24 hours. Team members are registered, and then episodes are deployed to the LMS monthly to deliver the cybersecurity awareness training. The administrative portal and reporting functions will enable you to track who has completed the training as well as manage your users. SubRosa also offers self-hosted and enterprise editions.

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Animated Episodes

We disseminate 3 to 4-minute episodes that educate your end users on the latest threats and breaches. We release a new episode every month so your team is always up to date

Real World Events

Every episode is based on a real organization who has recently fallen prey to a cyber attack. We focus on a single attack vector as so not to overwhelm your employees with technical jargon

Engage Your Users

We connect with your people on an emotional level, in every episode. This will keep them engaged for the full video, increasing retention and ultimately reducing security incidents

Friends and Family

Each subscription allows your users and employees to add seven friends and family members who will receive the episodes at no additional cost, keeping the conversation going

Hollywood Writers

Each episode is written by a member of the Writers Guild of America who has written and produced a combined total of 72 episodes for CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-0


Encourage engagement with competition. Employees who complete episodes quickly and pass the quiz the first time earn more points & secure a top spot on the leaderboard

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