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Managed Email Security

Reinforce your communication channels, preserving the confidentiality of your conversations in an increasingly vulnerable digital landscape.

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SubRosa Advantages

Significantly reduce email-borne cyber attacks
24/7 coverage from our Managed Security Operations Center
Expert analysts who can respond to incidents in seconds
Reduce incident detection and response time to seconds

Elevate your communication security through SubRosa's managed email security service, where cutting-edge protection transforms every exchange into a fortress of privacy.

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Respond to email threats in real-time

Discover tranquility in communication with SubRosa's managed email security service - a vigilant guardian standing between your messages and potential threats. Safeguarding your data, we ensure that your conversations remain private, secure, and exclusively yours.
Real-time ransomware and malware detection
Human analysis of email-borne cyber threats
Quarantine, delete and analyze cyber attacks
Data loss prevention to analyze data extraction via email