Penetration Testing

Penetration testing will help an organization determine how to best safeguard its cybersecurity. With cyber-attacks on the rise, this is increasingly important. Therefore, in order to defend against the ever-changing threat landscape, you must think and behave like the cyber-criminals trying to cause harm. One of the ways this can be accomplished is through penetration testing. With this service, SubRosa Cyber Solutions can identify potential avenues of attack that are trying to gain unauthorized access to your most sensitive data.

A penetration test is an approved cyberattack on a your network, applications, physical locations or personnel. These tests will help identify vulnerabilities and strengths in client systems. The pen tests target a system’s defenses and measures whether or not the defenses were sufficient in thwarting the attack. As a result of the test, Clients will be able to figure out their next step in cybersecurity.

Why SubRosa?

SubRosa’s assessment and exploitation team derive their skillsets from an extensive tenure in cyber network operations, recruited from the U.S. military and various governmental branches.

This unique skillset separates SubRosa’s penetration testing from its peers. SubRosa provides penetration testing across all domains, including network, application, mobile, physical and personnel (social engineering).

Want to Test Your Detection and Response Capabilities?

Then a Penetration Test might not be the appropriate service offering for your organizational security needs. As such, a Red Team Assessment might be more appropriate. Click below to learn more about SubRosa’s Red Team Assessment Services.

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