Red Team Assessments

Red team assessments are designed to test your organization’s already established cybersecurity program and your team’s response and readiness to a cyber-attack.

Red Team Assessments simulate threats of a real cybersecurity attack and teach your team how to deal with them. Red Team Assessments take a variety of forms, from physical security tests to technical testing similar to that of a penetration test. Therefore, the tests can help your team pinpoint areas of concern or vulnerability in your systems.

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Why Perform a Red Team Assessments

Red Team Assessments are different than penetration tests because of the overall objective. The goal of these tests is not to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible like in a penetration test but to attempt to gain access to the target system(s) in the most efficient (and sometimes least noisy) way possible. Therefore, it is more targeted and actually attempts to breach your security.

As such, Red Teaming is also a good way for you to find the weaknesses on your IT team. And, of course, to help your IT team members to learn better or more efficient solutions. This assessment can also help you find the right training needed for your current team. The tests will help shore up your environment and protect you from future cyber-attacks.

What a Red Team Assessment Includes

Current Tactics and Techniques

SubRosa teams use current tactics and techniques to be as close to a real-world attack as possible.

Fully Custom Scope

A fully customizable and revolving scope means that both your team and SubRosa’s can adapt to ensure your objectives are constantly met.

Current Skill Sets

SubRosa’s personnel all have current, real-world expertise in performing cyber network operations.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting to ensure that you are consistently able to remediate avenues of attack, train employees and update policies and procedures.

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