Red Team Assessments are designed to test your team’s response and readiness, so they can simulate and learn to deal with the threat of a real cyber-attack. Red Team Assessments take a variety of forms, from physical security tests to technical testing similar to that of a penetration test.

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Why Perform a Red Team Assessment?

Red Team Assessments are fundamentally different to penetration tests in that the overall objective is not to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible, but to attempt to gain access to the target system(s) in the most efficient (and sometimes least noisy) way possible.

Is a Red Team Assessment for Me?

Red Team Assessments are not suitable for every organization. You should consider conducting Red Team Assessments if your existing security posture is mature, if you have an established penetration testing program that typically yields positive outcomes and/or if you have an effective and well-organized vulnerability management program.

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