Third Party Assurance

Third-Party Assurance enables organizations to assess information security risk and the potential impact on business operations posed by their supply chain and other third parties. The process of Third-Party Assurance enables organizations to assess, monitor and manage vulnerabilities in line with their risk tolerance.

Today’s business environment is increasingly globalized and supplier-reliant. As a result, third parties are becoming an increasingly important source of breaches of regulated data. Tightened regulations mean that organizations are susceptible to be liable for the security controls and actions of their third parties.

Vendor Risk Management

Service Overview

  • Assess your entire supply-chain for cybersecurity risk

  • Benchmark, profile and hold accountable all suppliers for their cybersecurity programs

  • Enhance your own security posture by selecting and aligning with suppliers who fit your security mission

Expected Results

  • Increased business resiliency through a hardened, security-conscious supply chain

  • Enhanced risk picture by incorporating your vendor risk posture into enterprise risk assessments.

  • A more effective supply chain that works to improve your security posture.

Third-Party Due Diligence

Service Overview

  • Assess acquisitions and new suppliers for their cybersecurity risk

  • Negotiate with suppliers and acquisitions based on cybersecurity risk

  • Include contract and legal language to support all cybersecurity requirements

Expected Results

  • Make security-driven, informed purchasing and sourcing decisions

  • Reduce risk when acquiring new organizations

  • Reduce the costs associated with assessing, acquiring and managing suppliers and acquisitions

Client Assurance

Service Overview

  • Respond to client RFIs in a timely, professional manner

  • Leverage the full expertise of SubRosa’s Client Assurance Team

Expected Results

  • Stand out from your competitors by providing professional, security-conscious responses

  • Improve your own Security program through continuous consulting

Why SubRosa?

SubRosa Cyber Solutions’ Third-Party Assurance program is a fully scalable, proven framework that can be quickly implemented to enable you to begin assessing the risks posed to your organization. Our staff can be deployed anywhere in the world, representing your organization to your vendors and developing your full risk picture.

For larger enterprises, SubRosa Cyber Solutions works closely with partners and clients to implement vendor risk management tools to better assist organizations in managing their vendor cybersecurity risk.

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