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SubRosa solves its clients’ most tenacious information security, risk and compliance challenges through a multitude of information technology services and expertise. We employ and partner with some of the leading risk and security experts in the industry, enabling us to deliver effective services and software solutions to our clients across the globe.

SubRosa was founded with one vision: to serve organizations in need. Therefore, we work hard every day to solve the security problems that our client organizations face or could possibly face. By addressing both niche and growing areas of the information security industry, our team of experts offer innovative ways to address and manage risk across areas of information security few have expertise in. It is our goal to work proactively, efficiently and effectively to increase the security of our clients’ IT infrastructure.

Our ability to aggressively pursue and deliver excellence in what we do lies within our company ethos and the commitment and work ethic of staff members. Recruiting from a majority of former military, law enforcement and government backgrounds, the quality of our expertise stems from personnel with recent or active experience in protecting the United States from global and domestic threats. Our collective experience uniquely qualifies us to create a cybersecurity plan that will protect your organization from the threat of cyber-attacks, through such services as penetration testing, red team assessments, managed incident response, compliance assessment and so much more. With our expert services, whatever it is you need to ensure your company’s IT security, SubRosa Cyber Solutions has the answer.

SubRosa originated in Northeast Ohio and serves clients in the United States, Europe and Asia. With its diversified client base and employees located across the globe, SubRosa is equipped with the expertise to help any business increase its cybersecurity efficacy. Reach out today to get started on protecting your business from the inevitable!

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