The Weak Link: Are you Managing Third-Party Risk?

As more and more companies outsource more and more services/tasks to third-parties to act on their behalf, it exponentially opens up the amount of access to your company’s data and IT infrastructure. By utilizing vendors, partners and other third-parties, you are agreeing to some level of access and risk. This is called third-party risk. In order for your company to operate efficiently through third-parties, you must manage third-party risk effectively.

Third-Party Risk Management Helps Keep Your Company Risk-Free

For your company to operate a successful and effective third-party risk management program, you need to think beyond the traditional security model. Your company will need to ensure proper vetting of all third-party vendors/partners but also take additional measures to protect your company’s vital assets, including customer/employee data, network information, computer access and more. This can be achieved through proper third-party assurance.

By implementing third-party risk reporting, businesses can:

Do You Trust Your Company’s Ability to Handle Third-Party Risk?

You’re entrusting your reputation, your bottom line and your customers’ information to third-party vendors. You have to do everything you can to protect against risk. If you need help, SubRosa Cyber Solutions has the answer. Their third-party assurance program is a fully scalable, proven framework that can be quickly implemented to begin assessing the risks posed to your organization. For larger enterprises, SubRosa Cyber Solutions works closely with partners and clients to implement vendor risk management tools to better assist organizations in managing those relationships to ensure safety for all parties involved.

Interested in learning more? Read SubRosa’s white paper on vendor risk management.

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